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MOPAR Accredited Body Repair Centres List for Fiat

If the unthinkable happens and your vehicle is damaged in any way, it pays to make sure that the repairs are undertaken by people who are qualified to do so.

Looking after your vehicle involves everything from general maintenance and vehicle care to driving safely and responsibly. Another part of looking after your Fiat - one that you hopefully never have to think of - involves ensuring that only qualified individuals repair your Fiat if it is ever involved in an accident.

Should your Fiat sustain accident damage, it is important that it is repaired correctly. Whilst some insurance companies may want you to use repairers recommended by them, the choice is yours. And the better solution is always a MOPAR Accredited Body Repair Centre.

Only Accredited MOPAR Body Repair Centres meet Fiat rigorous standards for quality and service - this ensures not only the quality of workmanship guaranteed and the Warranty and Maintenance Plans are retained.

Furthermore, the use of a non-approved body shop could compromise your vehicle's Warranty and Maintenance Plan. All important factors to take into account when making your repairer choice.

Bodywork & Paintwork

Manufacturer and Paintwork Guarantee
When using genuine Fiat parts, materials and repair methods Fiat Accredited MOPAR Body Repair Centres are ensuring your 6-year corrosion (Perforation) warranty and your 3-year/ 100 000km vehicle Warranty and Maintenance Plans are not compromised.

Fiat Accredited Repair Procedures
MOPAR Accredited Body Shops use only the very latest tools and specialist equipment, along with factory trained technicians, to maintain Fiat exacting standards.

The Highest Standard of Service
Every Fiat MOPAR Accredited Body Repair Centre is committed to providing a high quality service. You will be given a completion date for all work and receive a report on progress as the work is carried out. Your Fiat will also be valeted before it is returned to you.




MOPAR Care & Accessory Repair

Fiat Chrysler Approved (MOPAR) Parts
A Fiat Accredited Body Repair Centre will always have available genuine (MOPAR) Fiat Parts and materials that you can insist they use. These parts and materials are the same as those on which your insurance rating and premium were originally based, so your insurer should approve of your choice too.

Free Estimates
MOPAR Accredited Panel Repair Centre's estimates are based on parts, systems and repair procedures that are approved by both the insurers and Fiat South Africa.

In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being involved in an accident, Fiat South Africa strongly recommends that it be repaired by a MOPAR Accredited Panel Repairer. This will ensure that you continue to receive the benefits of the warranty offered by the Accredited Panel Repairer, to the extent that your warranty has not expired or lapsed.

What Warranty?
Although accident damage and related repairs are not covered by the warranty offered by Fiat South Africa, you can rest assured that MOPAR Accredited repairers have met specified criteria, including required investments in their facilities and equipment.

Our MOPAR Accredited Panel Centre's commit to the following:

- They will perform all body and paint services in accordance with the guidelines specified by Fiat South Africa.
- They will only use genuine Fiat parts for repairs if the warranty offered by the manufacturer or importer has not expired or lapsed.
- They guarantee that all work performed shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period equal to the remaining duration of Fiat body warranty.
- They guarantee that any paintwork performed by them will be free from defects for a minimum warranty period of 3 years.


Car Care (Warranty and Maintained booklet)
This information is supplied as general guidelines for the common maintenance of your car. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for information specific to your make and model and please do not attempt any maintenance that could affect your warranty.


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